Blindsave Kneepads Original

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BLINDSAVE knee pads are made from the special in medicine used material that provides a high level of comfort with a specialised orthopedic effect. This material can help absorb some of the shock of an otherwise painful fall. Additionally, this specialised material keeps your muscles warm and therefore aids in avoiding injury to your ligaments. It is very flexible in order to allow for easier movement. Goalies should be more concerned with keeping the ball out of the goal than to worry about what their knee pads will allow them to do.

Another excellent feature of BLINDSAVE knee pads is the anti-slip technology that keeps the pads from slipping down your leg. Our pads are taller and have added straps to create a product that ensures better holding capabilities during even the most physically vigorous moments of the game. 

SOFT padding:

Soft paddings are recommended for goalies with sensitive or previously injured knees. The paddings are 3 cm thick which makes them the thickest paddings available on the market! Use these paddings to enjoy the comfortable pillow effect and the ultimate protection.

HARD padding:

Perfectly crafted paddings with only 1,5 cm thickness have well-balanced density to provide higher level of maneuverability while still ensuring premium protection.

MIX padding:

Mix padding is a combination of soft and hard padding. It is 2 cm thick with double layout protection for the most competitive goalies. Provides incredibly high comfort, outstanding protection and stability. The most favorite choice for goalies all around the world!