Blindsave Goalie Pants SUPREME

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We are always striving to make new advancements in floorball goalie equipment and goalie pants SUPREME has new features that will satisfy the most competitive goalies. Without a doubt goalie pants are one of the most important piece of equipment for floorball goalies – they need to be comfortable and provide outstanding protection. For the first time ever, our goalie pants have built-in rebound control technology that will effectively help you to save rebound shots!

Goalie pants SUPREME are made from new-generation fabrics to ensure premium quality and comfort. They are designed to make the goalie look even bigger and completely cover the 5-hole. The improved shape of goalie pants makes them more flexible and provides freedom of movement – so you can save the net without limiting your moves. The new pants are made from premium lightweight materials and have an integrated ventilation system to ensure a high level of comfort.


  • Built-in rebound control (!)
  • Integrated ventilation system
  • Premium lightweight materials
  • Goalie fit – make you look big in the net
  • New-generation fabrics

** Only available in black.