Blindsave Goalie mask SHARKY

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The wait is over - NEW goalie mask SHARK is finally here! We are ready to present to you our latest and most innovative, IFF certified, mask from BLINDSAVE.

The wider design ensures a perfect fit and an aggressive look. Made from lightweight carbon fiber material to keep its weight to a minimum and ensure premium protection.

The new mask offers complete coverage with a long neck protector. It has a smart strap system and is adjustable to match any fit and size. Special BLINDSAVE inserts decrease the noise level from ball hits and soften the impact of collisions.

A new cat-eye grill provides the best possible visibility and an awesome look!


  • Innovative and aggressive design
  • Made from ABS
  • Improved visibility with the new cat-eye grill
  • Special BLINDSAVE inserts that decrease the noise level
  • Perfectly designed mask offers complete coverage with long neck protector
  • IFF certified